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Have you heard the phrase “Money conscious lifestyle” before?  It is a philosophy I try to embrace 24/7 no matter what is going on, no matter how crazy busy things get.  My definition of being money conscious is to come up with creative, low (or no) cost ways to enjoy everyday life.

After years of working 9 to 5 and living in the suburbs, I am living in my vacation destination in the mountains and started this blog to share the personal finance and lifestyle tips that helped get me here with you.

Not only do I want to share what I know with you but I am hoping to build a community of like minded people and we can share all our ideas with each other.

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How to Get Money Back on All Your Purchases

This post may contain affiliate links. Get Money Back on your Everyday Purchases For me saving money is fun! That probably sounds weird to most people but I actually make a game out of it! My 9 to 5 gave me the day off with pay on Monday (President’s Day). What did I do? Well, …

Weekly Review – Food and Fun Goals Update

This post may contain affiliate links. Update on our January and February Goals – Food and Fun! January Goal As you recall if you have been following my posts, I committed to monthly goals for 2018.  I decided that monthly goals as opposed to “New Year’s Resolutions” would be easier to manage and follow. January’s …

Frugal Fun for Sweethearts

This post may contain affiliate links. Frugal Fun for Sweethearts! (Not just for Valentine’s Day!) My Goal for February: Frugal fun The main focus is to spend much less on entertainment. Why would anyone need to make a goal to have fun with their sweetheart? Every day life with all of its chaos and stresses …

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