Weekly Review – Transitioning from Food to Fun

Ham and Waffles - Transitioning form Food to Fun
From Food to Fun!

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Transitioning from Food to Fun!

How do we transition from food to fun? Well, last week we crushed our goal for January – Spend Less which focused on spending less on food. Please check back through the following posts if you need help with setting and implementing goals (and to see our progress):

Check these posts for ideas on how to we met the goal with 12 low cost options for each meal of the day:

frugal family fun
Let’s play games!

Our Transition from Food to Fun

Although we reassessed and are determined to continue spending less than $300.00 per month on food (groceries and eating out for two adults, sometimes three when our son is on break from college), we set a new goal for February.

February’s goal is to have fun!  I know it seems odd to have to make it a goal. We just wanted to remind ourselves that with all the stresses and chaos of everyday life we still need to squeeze in some fun.

My last post focused on frugal family fun.  Most of those ideas were from my childhood or as a parent experiencing fun with our son.  Writing the post made me a little sad as I went back down memory lane but I thought it was important to share for parents on a budget that have young children at home (I sure hope my nephew and his wife found some good ideas in there for there two little guys (2 under 2!)).

Frugal Fun for Young Adults

That post didn’t include anything for teenagers.  So I thought I would share a few frugal fun ideas for young adults. As our son got older, he and his friends had movie themed get togethers every couple of weekends either at our home or one of two other friend’s homes. It was nice because all the parents knew each other.  They would pick a theme like watching all the Harry Potter, Fast and the Furious or Bond movies. When it was at our house we provided dinner, breakfast and snacks (usually something very economical like meatball sandwiches in the crockpot and pancakes for breakfast).

Dungeons and Dragons is low cost fun
There are many benefits to playing Dungeons and Dragons. One is that it provides hours of free entertainment!

Dungeons and Dragons

His senior year of high school our son and his friends discovered  a role playing game, Dungeons and Dragons. My son hates to read, but we knew he was serious about learning how to play D&D when he downloaded and read the Basic Rules, the Player Handbook #1 and the Dungeon Master’s Guide #1 (he read/skimmed through over 600 pages!).

I interviewed him to get more information on what it is, how he heard about it and what benefits he thought they get (he still plays at college) out of playing.

He said he heard about it in a variety of places – from friends and referenced on movies and t.v. shows. It is a game where you use your imagination, there are main characters (players), 1 Dungeon Master (the narrator), and non-player characters (side characters played by the Dungeon Master).

The Dungeon Master makes the story (also known as a “campaign”) in advance and adapts it as the players play through with quests where the players have a variety of choices to make at different places during the campaign to keep it fun.

The benefits include:

  1. Builds problem solving skills
  2. Free to play (just need special set of dice and a notebook (can re-use an old one)
  3. Helps you learn to build upon your individual strengths and against your weaknesses to balance the team of players out
  4. Promotes creativity
  5. Team building and strategizing
  6. You can lose yourself for awhile (important as a robotics major)
  7. Most importantly, It is FUN!

The campaign can last for just one session or several (the playtime can be anywhere from 2 to 8 hrs a session). I actually played once for a few hours, it was a lot of fun but I admit my imagination was not as creative as it use to be

Do you have any other frugal fun ideas for young adults? Let us know.

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The next post will be about fun at work. I know it seems like an oxymoron but infusing fun into your work day does make it more enjoyable and more productive.

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  1. Love the article and the insight into what Dungeons and Dragons is all about! And really found some good info in the link about how workplace fun impacts, or lack therof, workers!

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