How to Have Fun at Work!

12 Ideas for fun at work
Fun at work – Welcome to our office!

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Wait, what? Fun at Work!

My Goal for February: Frugal fun

The main focus is to spend much less on entertainment.

Why would anyone need to make a goal to have fun at work? Every day life with all of its chaos and stresses creeps in and takes over.  Also, you may feel guilty because you have deadlines to meet or a few more tasks that have to get done.  “Once I get it all done, I can take a break and have some fun.”  That day may never come unless you actively put your intention into action and make it happen.

We will be taking the following steps to reach this goal:

  1. Setting our goal. (Have fun)
  2. Making our plan. (Infuse the ideas below into our daily work lives.)
  3. Putting it into action. (Don’t just talk about it, do!)
  4. Be accountable by sharing our progress in the Weekly Updates.
add personal items to your desk space
Having a few personal items at your desk makes it more fun – I look up and see these items and think of my son away at college and it makes me smile.

This week of Frugal Fun is going to focus on having fun at work!

12 Ideas for Frugal Fun at Work

  1. Celebrate individual and team successes. A little acknowledgement goes along way! Print out an award, serious or even silly “Best Chocolate Chip Cookies” (a good way to get more cookies!)
  2. Decorate your office for holidays, have some fun personal items at your desk.
  3. Eat lunch together on specific days, bring your lunch and sit outside or somewhere new.
  4. Go for a walk with a co-worker or two at least once a day-twice is better.
  5. Greet each other at the beginning of the day, on Monday ask how their weekend was, their kids, wife, dog, etc. Say goodbye when you leave and wish each other a great weekend on Friday.
  6. Have a dance party! It could be at the end of the work week or after a long meeting. We use to have “Throw Back Thursday” every Thursday,  a co-worker would take requests and play a few oldies. Just a song or two to shake things up and lighten the mood.
  7. Gift exchanges or a White Elephant exchange is a fun alternative to getting something for everyone. Each person brings one gift (you can choose a theme – like an ornament exchange or coffee cup exchange) and then you take turns rolling dice and stealing the gifts until everyone has one.
  8. Listen to music – whatever suits your mood or to snap out of a mood. I love Pandora.
  9. Make dull tasks into team building tasks. Set a challenge and dig your heels in. Have some goofy prize or trophy that gets passed back and forth between challenges. Bragging rights in between are always fun!
  10. Play a board game or cards at lunch. (My absolute favorite game is Rummikub, I have been playing it since I was 8 years old.)
  11. Potlucks – food for every occasion – baby showers, birthdays, promotion, retirement, welcome to the office
  12. Special Treat once a month – we have Waffle Wednesdays – I bring in my waffle maker, a co-worker makes the waffles and everyone else brings stuff to go with it (fried chicken, bacon, whipped cream, different syrups)
Waffle Wednesday
We celebrate Waffle Wednesday on the last Wednesday of the month!

These are just a few ideas on how you can build camaraderie, get work done but also infuse it with some fun without spending a lot of money.

Bonus – If you have a long drive, see if you can find someone to commute with.  I commute with friends 2-3 days a week. We get to share our morning together and then re-group at the end of the day. Sometimes we stop for a smoothie or go to a movie and we grocery shop together once a week.

I hope you enjoyed this post and try out some of my ideas. Please add a comment sharing your frugal fun ideas for the workplace!

4 Replies to “How to Have Fun at Work!”

  1. This was really fun to read. I like having fun at work. People may think if you’re having fun at work you’re not working. Or it’s not appropriate to have fun while you’re at your workplace. No Way!!! I think having fun at work boosts morale and creates bonds amongst co-workers. I like playing music for the whole office on Fun Fridays but lately it’s been a busy time. I need to get back to that. Thank you for the reminder of how important it is to have fun at work!!

  2. If you are going to spend most of your waking hours at work, you need to make the most of it. It’s amazing how little things can make a big difference. Fun tips and ideas!

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