Winter Break – Best time ever!

Winter scene, snow from back patio.
Winter Break – Winter at home (2016)

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Winter Break – Hands down, best time ever!

Having our son home from college has been a much needed pause for all of us.  I am fortunate to have a paid winter break from my employer and my husband is self employed so he was able to take some time off or re-arrange his workload around our family activities.

What a great week it has been (even though we didn’t get any snow).

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Weekly Review – Merry Christmas!

Christmas Eve - The table is set
Merry Christmas!

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My Holiday To Do List is complete!

Time to relax and enjoy!

Wondering what to do? Play games!

Couple playing cards.
Playing cards is fun and very inexpensive.

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What are we going to do with family and friends between eating and exchanging gifts?

Play games!

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Weekly Review – baking and gift making

Basket with homemade gifts.
Money Mountain Mama’s Homemade Gift Making Station

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Where are all the elves when you need them?  It is a busy weekend, full of baking and gift making!

My favorite gifts are homemade.  Whether it is Theresa’s fudge, Janet’s Million Dollar Bars or the awesome handmade gifts from my husband and son (pictures, decorated gourds, duct tape wallets, coupons for a massage or car wash).  They are creative and made with time and love. Continue reading “Weekly Review – baking and gift making”

No Cost/Low Cost Holiday Traditions

Little black dog wearing santa sweater and hat.
Santa’s Little Helper

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Thank  you to those that shared some of their no cost/low cost holiday traditions.

As promised, here are some of mine!


When our son was little we made our own Christmas Card “picture” to send out to friends and family usually in front of the Christmas tree.  We would spend quite a bit of time picking a theme, getting ready and then take a ton of pictures.  We had fun choosing which one to use as our “Christmas Card picture” too! Continue reading “No Cost/Low Cost Holiday Traditions”