Frugal Fun for Sweethearts

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Not just on Valentine’s Day – Everyday Frugal Fun for Sweethearts!

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Frugal Fun for Sweethearts!

(Not just for Valentine’s Day!)

My Goal for February: Frugal fun

The main focus is to spend much less on entertainment.

Why would anyone need to make a goal to have fun with their sweetheart? Every day life with all of its chaos and stresses creeps in and takes over.  Also, you may feel guilty because you have bills to pay, kids to shuffle from school to soccer practice, work deadlines or a few more tasks that have to get done.  “Once we get everything done, we can take a break and have some fun.”  That day may never come unless you actively put your intention into action and make it happen. Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to remember how much you love and cherish each other but the ideas below are just everyday activities that can be enjoyed together all year long. Continue reading “Frugal Fun for Sweethearts”

Weekly Review – Valentine’s Day on a Budget

Valentine’s Day on a Budget

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February’s goal is to have fun!  I know it seems odd to have to make it a goal. We just wanted to remind ourselves that with all the stresses and chaos of everyday life we still need to squeeze in some fun.

My first post about fun focused on frugal family fun.  Most of those ideas were from my childhood or as a parent experiencing fun with our son. The next post had some frugal fun ideas for young adults. The ideas shared were things my son and his friends did in high school.  The last post covered fun at work.  Most if not all of these ideas were from my current 9 to 5 in an office but they could be adapted for most work place situations. What is next? Continue reading “Weekly Review – Valentine’s Day on a Budget”